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We have assisted mothers and fathers with negotiating custody, support and other child-related agreements that not only protect their parental rights but are also in the best interests of their children. Managing partners Christopher A. Vacanti and Kelly T. Shattuck offer decades of effective legal representation in cases regarding:

Child Custody And Visitation: At Vacanti | Shattuck | Finocchiaro Attorneys, we help mothers and fathers negotiate parenting plans that allow them to spend the maximum amount of parenting time with their children.

Child Support: Our lawyers advocate and advise during child support proceedings, seeing that both parents’ incomes are accurately represented and our client’s resources are maximized. We also represent unmarried parents during paternity and child support proceedings, making sure that the parental rights of each parent are protected in the child support, parenting time and custody agreements.

Paternity: If you are being named as the father of a child in a claim for child support payments, our attorneys will protect your rights during paternity proceedings. We will see that the court issues a parenting order in connection with the child support proceedings, allowing you access to your child and handle your request for modification of custody, visitation or support.

Father’s Rights: Our attorneys at Vacanti | Shattuck | Finocchiaro Attorneys are known by many as the fathers’ rights lawyers. We will help you receive a child custody and visitation order that provides you with maximum parenting time. Whether you are going through a divorce or have never been married to your child’s other parent, we will help you protect your rights as a parent.

About Vacanti | Shattuck | Finocchiaro Attorneys

The members of the firm began practice together in 1994 under the law firm known as Cohen Vacanti Higgins Shattuck. Attorneys Chris Vacanti and Kelly Shattuck have formed a new firm now known as Vacanti | Shattuck | Finocchiaro Attorneys. Our attorneys are active in the Nebraska State Bar Association and the Family Law Section of the Bar Association. Christopher Vacanti was chair of the Family Law section in 2007 and 2008 and Kelly Shattuck was an executive member of the family Law section in 2005 and 2006.

Client Testimonials

  • “Mr. Shattuck is the best family law attorney available and I would highly recommend him to anyone going through a divorce or custody case. He has a complete command of the law and...”

  • “I could not be more pleased with the level of service and professionalism I received from Kelly Shattuck. This is the 2nd time I’ve had to use his services and I have not been let down...”

  • “Kelly represented my son in a recent case. He was very professional and on the day of trial, he covered every aspect of the case in order for the judge to have a clear understanding...”

  • “We have used Kelly’s services twice over the last several years and he was poised and professional. I would recommend this firm to anyone that needed legal representation.”

  • “VS has honest, conscientious, and ethical people who are excellent to work with even during hard times like divorce. Couldn’t imagine going through this without them!”

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