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Child Support

Child Support

Child Support

Regardless of whether you will be paying or receiving child support, it is important that your child support order be fair and based on accurate information. Under Nebraska family laws, the court will issue an order for child support based on the Income Shares Model. That calculation takes into account factors including each parent’s income, the amount of time the child spends with each parent under the custody and visitation agreement, each party’s contributions to their retirement accounts and the costs of health insurance for the child.

At Vacanti Shattuck Finocchiaro Attorneys in Omaha, our lawyers advocate and advise during child support proceedings, seeing that both parents’ incomes are accurately represented and our client’s resources are maximized. The attorneys will look carefully at the average income of the parents, taking into account any applicable commissions, overtime and bonuses, as well as the most economical arrangement regarding health insurance premiums for the child. We will also explain how the way in which your overall child custody and child support agreements are structured will affect your federal and state income tax liability.

Child support and unmarried parents

Our attorneys represent unmarried parents during paternity and child support proceedings, making sure that the parental rights of each parent are protected in the child support, parenting time and custody agreements. We are committed to gender equity in the family court and we are known in the area as father’s rights lawyers.

Child support obligations

In Nebraska, child support may be imposed in cases where a non-biological or non-adoptive parent has voluntarily assumed a close, parental relationship with the child. If the parent has not assumed a parental relationship with the child, the other parent will have a difficult time obtaining an order for child support.

If you are in the process of selecting an attorney to represent you during child support proceedings or have another question about Vacanti Shattuck Finocchiaro Attorneys, we invite you to e-mail us or call our office at (402) 454-7708.