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How Can I Enforce A Child Support Order If I Don’t Know Where The Other Parent Is?

If the obligated party is not paying his or her child support, they will need to be located. If no one knows where the obligated party resides, it may be best to get the state involved, as the state has resources available to them that private attorneys do not, including information from the Nebraska Department of Revenue and Internal Revenue Service.

Can I Challenge Or Oppose A Court’s Decision To Modify Child Support In Nebraska?

If there is a determination by the court that child support should be adjusted up or down and either party is not satisfied with that determination, then they can appeal the decision to the court of appeals or Supreme Court. In most cases, however, child support is a pretty easy calculation that’s based on a simple formula and can be handled by family law attorneys. If child support has been set and is compliant with the guidelines, then there usually won’t be a reason to appeal it.

The Obligated Parent Has Moved Out Of State And Is Not Making Payments. Which State Should I Look To Fulfil The Order?

If the obligated party moves out of the state of Nebraska and the recipient of child support and the child live in the state of Nebraska where the child support order was established, then it would be best to have the child support enforcement office in Nebraska attempt to recover the outstanding child support monies. Our state has reciprocity with all the other states, so rather than chase a parent to another state, we simply ask the state of Nebraska to collect the support from the state to which the parent has moved.

Can I Still Get Child Support In Nebraska If I Am Not Married To The Father Of My Child?

Even if someone is not married, there is an obligation as a parent to provide support. Whether or not parents are married really doesn’t have any relevance to the issue of child support.

Can I Get Help Enforcing Healthcare Insurance For My Child As Part Of The Child Support Order?

The state of Nebraska assists parents with matters involving support and health insurance. This means that the child support enforcement office will get involved to pursue someone who has not paid child support or someone who is not providing health insurance if that is part of the court order. The state does not get involved with matters involving daycare or uninsured medical expenses.

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