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You Have Been Told About Your Wrongs, The Attorneys At Vacanti Shattuck Can Tell You About Your Rights.

At Vacanti Shattuck, Divorce Attorney in Omaha, NE, we recognize how challenging it can be to find an attorney you can trust to help you effectively resolve complicated legal issues threatening those important relationships and family members in your life.

The members of the firm began practice together in 1994 under the law firm known as Cohen Vacanti Higgins Shattuck. Attorneys Chris Vacanti and Kelly Shattuck have formed a new firm now known as Vacanti Shattuck.

Since 1994, our attorneys have focused exclusively on family law. Limiting our practice in this way allows us to provide our clients the most effective representation. Our practice involves issues related to divorce, modification, alimony, custody, ... READ MORE

Vacanti Shattuck Attorneys - Divorce Attorney In Omaha, NE

Vacanti Shattuck Attorneys, a divorce attorney in Omaha, NE, is dedicating their legal practice to defend their clients against domestic violence, and provide assistance regarding divorce, distribution of assets, separation and child custody. The family is the bedrock of any society and the most important thing. However, sometimes marriage/relationships do not work the way they are planned out, and the only viable solution to get out of an unhappy marital relationship is separation/divorce. Therefore, in such times of distress and hardship, it is important to consult with and hire an experienced divorce attorney in Omaha, NE, who can guide and support you through the complex legal process. In addition to this, if you are convicted of domestic violence and associated charges, then an experienced family law lawyer can protect you from the severe consequences by building a strong defensive strategy against the prosecution.

An Insight Into Omaha Divorce Law?

Separation is the only way out of an unhappy marriage/relationship. The marital relationship is not easy especially when everything has been tried, and one or both parties feel that they are better off alone rather than with someone else. At then, the process of divorce has been initiated, and representation by an expert divorce attorney in Omaha, NE is important. However, a divorce attorney in Omaha, NE understands the kind of stress, uncertainty and financial hardship you can come across while fighting the case.

Divorce open so many fronts such as a distribution of property, child custody, alimony, child support, and grandparent’s right. So in such a crucial time, it is important to have a divorce attorney in Omaha, NE by your side, who can make decisions on your behalf, take you out of the legal chaos. The fundamental issue in a divorce is the distribution of the property, which is divided among the spouses as per the statues and laws of the concerned state.

Client Testimonials

  • “Mr. Shattuck is the best family law attorney available and I would highly recommend him to anyone going through a divorce or custody case. He has a complete command of the law and...”

  • “I could not be more pleased with the level of service and professionalism I received from Kelly Shattuck. This is the 2nd time I’ve had to use his services and I have not been let down...”

  • “Kelly represented my son in a recent case. He was very professional and on the day of trial, he covered every aspect of the case in order for the judge to have a clear understanding...”

  • “We have used Kelly’s services twice over the last several years and he was poised and professional. I would recommend this firm to anyone that needed legal representation.”

  • “VS has honest, conscientious, and ethical people who are excellent to work with even during hard times like divorce. Couldn’t imagine going through this without them!”

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Why Choose Vacanti Shattuck Attorneys-Divorce Attorney In Omaha, NE?

The law offices of Vacanti Shattuck attorneys, a divorce attorney in Omaha, NE, provide their clients with a skilled and aggressive representation during challenging legal situations. The main aim of our divorce attorney in Omaha, NE is to listen carefully as well as understand the circumstances which led to divorce. So, that, the divorce attorneys can do their best in formulating defensive strategies against the prosecution. Besides this, our divorce attorney in Omaha, NE advises their clients about the best strategy and approach.

There is no doubt that each case of divorce is different, as compared to other. Every client has different needs with respect to the nature of his/her case. At the law offices of Vacanti Shattuck attorneys, a divorce attorney in Omaha, NE, we tailored our representation in each divorce case as per the client needs. Let’s have a look at the distinctive features, which makes us stand out from our competitors:

meet our trial attorneys

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Hire An Experienced Divorce Attorney In Omaha, NE

Precisely, the main aim of representing our client is to get them through a major obstacle with an exceptional representation, understanding and legal advice they deserved and expected from the experienced divorce attorney in Omaha, NE. Our divorce attorney in Omaha, NE also helps the clients by uplifting their morale that everything happens for a reason, and no matter how difficult a situation is, it does not lasts longer.

At the law offices of Vacanti Shattuck, our divorce attorney in Omaha, NE tries their best to solve the matter amicably and settle the case as per the client satisfaction. This not only saves the client money and time but also assist them in moving on with their lives much faster. So, if you are stuck in an unhappy marital relationship and wants a separation from your partner then, law offices of Vacanti Shattuck, a divorce attorney in Omaha, NE, is the apt choice for you. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with and hire an experienced divorce attorney in Omaha, NE that can help you in getting out of this mental chaos.

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