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Legal Separation

As marriages fall apart, couples begin considering their options for the future. Often, they choose to formally dissolve their marriages through divorce. However, for those who wish to live apart long term but remain married, legal separation is an option. The lawyers at Vacanti Shattuck Finocchiaro Attorneys will listen to your concerns and provide the information you need to choose divorce or separation. Contact us to speak with a member of our Omaha, Nebraska, firm.

Why Choose Legal Separation

Those coming to us for assistance with formally ending relationships often cite various reasons for remaining married. Most frequently, we see couples choosing legal separation instead of divorce for religious reasons, state divorce requirements of residency for more than one year or personal reasons (such as maintaining health care or hoping for future reconciliation).

Regardless of the reason for choosing separation, the process is nearly identical to that of divorce. Couples must finalize agreements for:

  • Division of property including assets and debts
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Medical benefits coverage
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Child support

As part of the parenting plan, for couples with children, the State of Nebraska requires mediation. As family law attorneys, we are fully familiar with the mediation process and will work with you as you develop a customized plan.

We Work to Protect Your Interests

At our firm, we are fully committed to listening to our clients’ concerns and addressing their needs. With family law as our sole focus, we are known by our community and our legal peers as specialists in the field.

Our approach to helping clients varies based on client needs. If our client and his or her spouse are open to negotiation, we try to work outside of the courts to develop agreements in our clients’ best interests. Where litigation is required, we aggressively pursue the protection of our clients’ rights in court.
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