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Prenuptial Agreements

Whether you are entering into your first, second or third marriage, a prenuptial agreement can help you and your future spouse address financial matters and preserve property and assets for your children. Consult Vacanti Shattuck Finocchiaro Attorneys today to learn more about how we can help you draft a strategic and personalized prenuptial agreement.

Addressing Financial Questions Through A Strategic Prenuptial Agreement

Many of our clients have come to us with reservations about creating prenuptial agreements. Some believe that a prenuptial agreement may weaken a marriage. In reality, a prenup can actually promote better communication in a marriage.

When you consult with our Omaha family law firm, managing partners Christopher A. Vacanti and Kelly T. Shattuck will explain to you how a prenup can help you and your future spouse:

  • Consider financial ramifications of marriage
  • Eliminate future conflicts revolving around finances
  • Protect property, assets and other separate property for future generations
  • Safeguard family businesses
  • Clearly outline wishes of a spouse who does not have a valid will

Offering more than 40 years of extensive family law experience, our team of Omaha prenuptial agreement attorneys is prepared to share its knowledge of Nebraska’s specific prenuptial agreement laws, ultimately helping you create a valid prenup.

In addition to assisting you in drafting and revising a prenuptial agreement, we can also help you with the creation of a post-nuptial agreement.

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