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Are There Financial Benefits To Choosing Mediation In A Divorce? Should This Always Be Considered As A First Option?

In Nebraska, it is mandatory for the parties to participate in mediation to determine custody and respective parenting rights. You are not required to reach an agreement, but you are required to attempt to reach an agreement. In some cases, we will try to mediate the financial issues as well. In a case with businesses or complicated assets, we can use a very experienced mediator to try to mediate those issues. Mediation is just reaching an agreement with a third party helping to facilitate the agreement. You are better off knowing what the agreement is and reaching it yourselves. When you go to court, there is much more uncertainty. It is also less expensive to mediate the entire case, if you do so successfully. Of course, if you know you are not going to have cooperation or success, then you might just be wasting money on a mediator.

How Is The Value Of What A Caretaker Spouse Provides To The Family Determined In A Divorce Case When It Comes To The Division Of Assets And Spousal Support?

Our courts are going to divide the assets and debts equitably. In most cases, the assets and debts get divided fifty-fifty. However, when a caretaker spouse has stayed home to raise the children and help facilitate the other spouse’s career, he or she is likely entitled to some spousal support or alimony. They will be compensated in order to get back on their feet, get out into the workforce, and become able to support himself or herself.

What Are Some Reasons It Can Be More Challenging For A Stay-At-Home Parent To Initiate A Divorce?

If you are a stay-at-home parent, you don’t have a paycheck coming in. You are relying on the income of the working parent. If divorce is on the horizon, the working parent might divert his or her paycheck somewhere else. If you have investment accounts or bank accounts where you have been able to store some money away, that is one of the avenues you can use to help get through the divorce process. It is certainly more challenging for the parent who doesn’t have an income. We try to work with them in advance with some strategies on how to save money, so they can afford to hire a lawyer. One of those avenues might be to go get a credit card in advance of the divorce being filed.

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