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At What Point In The Divorce Process Do We Sign Divorce Or Custody Papers?

Custody or divorce paperwork would be signed when an agreement is reached. In most cases, the parties are negotiating a settlement and if they arrive at an agreement, paperwork is drafted and the parties review that paperwork. As long as it is accurate and reflects the agreement, the parties will sign the document. It’s not official, however, until the judge reviews and approves the terms that are contained within the paperwork. The date that the judge signs is the official date of the agreement.

How Long Will It Take For The Finalized Divorce Or Custody Decree?

A final divorce decree or custody order takes as long as it takes the parties to negotiate an agreement. Once an agreement is made and the parties sign a final order, a judge ordinarily would sign it upon receipt.

What Is The Official Divorce Date?

The official divorce date is the date that the judge signs the divorce decree. That divorce decree, once signed by the judge, is filed with the clerk in the District Court.

Do I Have Any Legal Right To Continued Health Coverage After A Divorce?

One spouse is permitted to stay on the health insurance of the other spouse for six months after the filing of the decree. This gives a transition period for that spouse to go out and find his own insurance. If the spouse wants to remain on that policy beyond the six months, he can elect, under COBRA, to remain on the policy for up to another 36 months. However, he would be paying a very high insurance premium to do so.

Can I Remove My Spouse From My Plan Before I File For A Divorce?

You cannot remove your spouse from your insurance policy prior to filing for a divorce. Even if you could, it would look bad in the eyes of the court and it would be against our advice to do anything that would make you look bad to the judge. It would be best to maintain the current policy until we have some agreement that is finalized.

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