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Bode Miller And Ex-Girlfriend Reach Child Custody Agreement

Published On: December 11, 2013

Bode Miller has not endeared himself to the public in the past. Labeled a petulant crybaby, he was seemingly wasting his talent, and was sure to be a cautionary tale for others as to how not to conduct oneself.

But with all athletes, life goes on, and Miller appears to be growing up. But news about his ongoing custody dispute with an ex-girlfriend is adding to propaganda that he has not changed. In the weeks leading up to a recent hearing in a Manhattan family court, Miller and ex-flame Sara McKenna traded public barbs regarding each other’s fitness for custody.

The saga began when Miller filed a paternity petition last year in California after learning that McKenna was pregnant with their child. McKenna later moved to New York, and after giving birth to a baby boy in February, initiated a custody proceeding in Manhattan. The New York family court referee sent the matter back to California amidst sharp criticism of McKenna for allegedly moving to New York for a favorable child support order. A California court then awarded temporary custody of the boy to Bode Miller.

However, an appellate court in New York overruled the family court referee’s decision, and ordered that the child be returned to McKenna before a hearing just before Thanksgiving. Since then, the parties have come to a temporary agreement that allows both parties to share custody of the child. Per their agreement, Miller will also be able to take the child to the 2014 Olympic games, which he is currently training for.

The story is an example of how complicated interstate custody can be, and how an experienced family law attorney can be instrumental in these settings.

Source: ABC, “Skier, ex-flame agree in NY to share time with son,” Jennifer Peltz, December 10, 2013

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