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Can Keeping A Log Of My Turbulent Marriage Be Used Against Me in A Divorce?

In the discovery process, where the other side can ask for documentation, they could request access to any journals. If you are documenting a turbulent marriage, the other side is going to have the option to access that. I would always be careful about what you write and how you write it. Try to stick to facts only and leave your opinions out. In Nebraska, it only takes one party to give the authority to record a conversation. If you are talking to your spouse, you can record it, which may be higher quality evidence than a log or a journal.

Why Is Avoiding Social Media Crucial Before And During A Divorce?

I’ve won a lot of cases and lost a few because of social media. People will put things on their social media that will make them look like they are alcoholics because everything they post features drinking. That doesn’t put them in the best light. It’s a good general rule to stay off social media when you are going through a divorce. You don’t want to say negative things about your spouse on social media or allow other people to do that type of thing either, because it will be used against you. If you insist on using social media, you should consult with your attorney about when it’s appropriate, especially before posting pictures of your child or making comments about your spouse.

Are There Ways To Protect Myself From My Spouse’s Debt Before I File For Divorce?

As a general rule, if debts were incurred for the purposes of education, you may be able to avoid them because the spouse is getting the benefit of the education, not you. However, if the debt was used for family purposes, it could be something you are responsible for. In order to avoid your spouse incurring more debt after filing for divorce, you need to go to court and get a restraining order saying that if the spouse does incur more debt, it is the responsibility of that spouse and not of you.

Are There Any Other Ways That I Can Protect Myself Before Filing For Divorce In Nebraska?

The best things to do when you are preparing for a divorce are to find an attorney you trust and document your household assets, debts, and monthly expenses. There are a lot of documents that can give an overall view to help your attorney understand what your circumstances are. Don’t do anything that you don’t want the court to know about because your spouse’s attorney will use it against you.

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