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Promises Divorcing Parents Should Keep In 2014

Published On: January 6, 2014

January is the symbolic month for New Year’s resolutions. (We call it symbolic because any month can be a catalyst for change). Nevertheless, it is not surprising that gym memberships, weight loss plans and new televisions are peddled more frequently than other months. With the theme of New Year’s resolutions in mind, we find it appropriate to set forth a few resolutions that divorcing parents should try to keep in 2014.

Be more sensitive to a child’s feelings – After all, they didn’t choose the life that they are forced to live. Being shuttled between homes, only having short amounts of time with a non-custodial parent and being introduced to significant others is not fun. It is only natural for kids in these situations to be upset. So cutting them a break and being more accommodating are two things that can be helpful in the New Year.

Refrain from insensitive remarks about the other parent – Scoffing at positive remarks about the other parent, or bad-mouthing them should be avoided. Your child still has feelings for him or her, and chances are they still have a relationship with them. A disrespectful comment about the other parent is, in essence, a charge against the child.

Be civil at public events – Nothing mortifies a child more than parents acting like idiots at public events. Whether it is shooting spiteful glares at each other or full blown shouting matches, children hate when parents can’t be civil when attending school functions or sporting events. So with this in mind, parents should pledge to be civil when attending their children’s events.

Source:, “New Year’s resolutions for divorced parents,” Kate Scharff, December 30, 2013

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