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Should I Ask My Girlfriend To Recant Allegations Of Abuse On My Behalf?

If you have been charged or accused of abuse, you should not take the law into your own hands or try to resolve matters yourself with the alleged victim, which means that you should not ask the alleged victim to recant the allegations. If the alleged victim is texting you, you should not even respond. If you do want to notify the authorities that the alleged victim wants to recant the allegations of abuse, then you should discuss that with your attorney, who will help you decide how to accomplish that through a third party.

What Conditions And Restrictions Will I Face After Being Arrested On Domestic Violence Charges?

If you are charged with domestic violence, there will typically be a no-contact provision as a condition of your release, which means you will have to avoid going home or making any contact with the alleged victim. The provision might also prohibit you from going to certain addresses where you might come into contact with the alleged victim. If you were to violate the terms in any way, you would be re-arrested and your bond would be revoked. If you violate a protection order, all the alleged victim would have to do is call the police and allege that you are violating the terms of an existing order. They would arrest you first and ask questions later in order to determine the truth of the allegation.

Will My Children Be Questioned If They Witnessed A Domestic Family Incident?

There is no guarantee that the police will question children who witnessed a domestic family incident, but they certainly could. Whether or not the police would choose to do this would depend on the age and maturity level of the children and whether or not they actually witnessed what occurred. If children did witness the event, you could be charged with endangering their welfare for having put them at harm for emotional issues.

My Partner And I Were Equally To Blame In Harming One Another. Why Am I The Only One Being Charged?

When the police respond to a domestic violence call, they must use discretion in deciding whom to arrest. Unfortunately, these decisions are often based on officers’ personal experiences, meaning that even if you and your partner were equally to blame in harming one another, you might end up being the only one who gets arrested and charged. However, you will eventually have an opportunity to present evidence that shows that you were defending yourself or that no one was necessarily the aggressor. With that said, it is quite common for the police to choose to arrest one person who seems to be the aggressor during the initial phase of the investigation. The police figure that by arresting one person, they are at least preventing an outbreak of violence by separating the parties.

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