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Published On: March 14, 2018

“Mr. Shattuck is the best family law attorney available and I would highly recommend him to anyone going through a divorce or custody case. He has a complete command of the law and once he heard my facts, he was able to explain exactly what needed to be done to accomplish my goals. He didn’t sugar coat the process to get my business. He maintained communications throughout the process and sent me copies of everything including monthly statements showing everything done on my case. If I had questions, he was always willing to call or email me back with the answers. In court he was excellent especially in his cross examination where he really pointed out the weakness of the other attorney’s case and where I felt made the difference. He was direct and tried to present the materials to the judge in a simple matter that I also thought helped. His staff was always professional and very helpful. In the end, Mr. Shattuck was able to accomplish my goals. I won custody and the financials came out as he had explained they would during or initial meeting.”

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