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Will The Judge Make The Other Side Continue Coverage For My Child?

If one of the parents has insurance coverage and he or she has been providing coverage for the children, the final divorce decree or custody agreement will likely require that party to continue providing the insurance for the children.

How Does Personal Property Get Separated And Divided In a Divorce?

When a divorce is filed, the parties do not continue to live together. Either the husband or the wife is going to move out of the house and often, they want to take their own personal belongings. There needs to be an agreement on how to divide the household goods and furnishings. If there is no agreement, we often will go into court and have a hearing, where the judge will determine what the temporary division of household goods and furnishings will be. By the end of the case, we have to have a final agreement that divides all of the household goods and furnishings.

Can The Other Party Hold My Belongings Until After The Divorce Is Finalized?

The other party cannot hold your personal belongings until the divorce is finalized. If one of the parties won’t release the other’s personal items, we would schedule a hearing and the judge would issue an order that the husband or wife would be able to take those particular items out of the house.

Do I Have To Change My Name After A Divorce?

It is a right that is given to the wife to determine whether she wants to change her name or not at the time of divorce. The divorce decree itself would issue an order that the wife’s name is now changed back to her maiden name if she chooses to do so.

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