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Acknowledgment of Paternity

Posted on February 25, 2015 in the Child Custody, Child Support category.

When someone signs the acknowledgment they become the legal father regardless of any genetic test, which also means, he is responsible for child support, daycare and medical expenses. These are only used when the parties are not married. You only get 60 days to rescind the acknowledgment. Do not sign the acknowledgement without a paternity test. If you sign one, try to get to a testing center with your child and get one done after the fact. If needed take the child during your parenting time without the mother’s knowledge. It is simpler and will save a lot more money if it is within the 60-day limitation. If you are outside the 60-day period, the longer you wait, the hard it is to remove it through a court proceeding. Seek an attorney immediately to protect your rights

~ Charlie Grimes