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Shared Residential Custody (I.E. Joint Physical Custody)

Published On: February 23, 2015

Linda Nielsen’s recent review of shared residential custody (i.e. joint physical custody) research published in the American Journal of Family Law reached four general conclusions:

  1. Most children fare as well or better than those raised in maternal residence, especially in terms of the quality and endurance in their relationship with their fathers.
  2. Parents do not need to be exceptionally cooperative, without conflict, wealthy, well educated, or mutually enthusiastic about sharing the residential parenting in order for the children to benefit.
  3. Young adults who have lived in these families say that this arrangement was in their best interest, in contrast with those that lived with their mothers after their parent’s divorce.
  4. Our country, like most other industrialized countries, is undergoing a shift in custody laws, public opinion, and parents’ decisions – a shift toward more shared residential parenting.

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