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Have You Seen A Lot Of Requests For Custody Modifications Or Support Modifications During The Pandemic?

Mostly I have seen a sharp increase of divorces. We are getting so many calls about divorces that we just cannot handle the amount of business. We are now very selective in the cases we accept. We are a fairly small office and we had 20 new client interviews this week, which is unbelievable. It seems that people have been stuck inside together, working from home and supervising their children’s online education, and that is stressful. Some of these people have lost their jobs, gotten sick, or lost loved ones to COVID-19. The stress levels are immense. If your marriage was not on solid footing before this crisis, there is a good chance it won’t survive.

Are You Conducting Face-To-Face Meetings With New Clients?

We have not offered face-to-face meetings with new clients since March. We conduct most meeting over the phone and, occasionally, via Zoom. If we have a trial, we will bring the client in to prepare. We require masks to be worn anytime a client does need to enter our office and have added a drop box where people can leave documents or sign them. We use an intercom system, so they can come into the building, speak with us, and drop off documents, sign them, or have them notarized.

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