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How To Shore Up Your Defenses Before Starting A Divorce

Published On: February 5, 2014

In sports, commentators may sometimes say that the best defense is a good offense. This may also hold true in the world of family law, especially when it comes to divorces and child custody matters. Essentially, being proactive in preparing for your case is a good strategy and can help defend against emotionally charged allegations of fraud or abuse.

So what can a potential divorcee do to protect themselves? This post will highlight three good (and proactive) defenses.

Have the right mental approach – Indeed, divorces can be emotionally difficult, given that you pledged to build a life with someone and it hasn’t worked out. However, so much more emotional energy (and money) will be spent on retribution as opposed to resolution. With that, having the right mental approach is a good way to proactively defend yourself.

Make sure you have good people on your team – Defense is a team effort, so it is good to have people you like working with who have your best interests at heart. In addition to your attorney, it is helpful to have relationships with a financial advisor, an insurance agent, a child psychologist and even an massage therapist.

Stay gainfully employed – Most importantly, it is critical to keep your job during the process. While the divorce itself may not be extravagantly expensive, you may still have to maintain a household on one income, as opposed to two. In some circumstances (where a party did not work during the marriage), temporary support may be granted. But before an order is issued, you may have to find out how to make ends meet.

Source: “Three ways to protect yourself in a divorce,” Margaret Klaw, January 29, 2014

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