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Basic Etiquette For Prenuptial Agreements

Published On: February 2, 2014

During the holiday season, it is common for marriage proposals to be given (and accepted). Christmas Day and New Year’s Day are very popular days to “pop the question.” As newly engaged couples bask in the surprise and excitement of such a momentous occasion, they may have many questions to answer about their big day (e.g. the wedding venue, colors to be involved, caterers and guest lists).

However, some people may be genuinely concerned about whether a prenuptial agreement is necessary. Moreover, they may be concerned over how to broach the topic. This post will provide some helpful tips for introducing discussions about prenups.

Timing is everything – It may seem obvious, but it would not be in good taste to introduce a prenup shortly after a marriage proposal. Not only does it come off as being disingenuous, it may show that you are only concerned about money and property (and not your new spouse).

Focus on money management – The discussion should be tailored towards money management. You may find that you have different views of financial management and debt repayment. This may provide an opportunity to learn about your respective stances on money and spending.

Don’t make ultimatums – Nothing is more un-romantic than a “prenup or nothing” proposal. Demanding that someone sign a prenup before marriage sends some definite warning signs. Indeed, prenups are important to people in their second marriages as well as those who are blending families, but insisting that a prenup be signed is not a good way to begin a marriage.

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